Insert La Cup

Once you have found the method that suits your anatomy, it will take you less than 10 seconds!
Method #1

Insertion in 2 stages

This is the recommended method with the C fold .

Place La Cup against your vulva and rock the ring into your vagina: at this point, only the top of La Cup is inserted, and it will begin to expand.

Then grab the MoonPad and screw towards the bottom of the vagina to place it about 1 knuckle from the entrance of the vagina.

Method 2

Direct insertion

This is the recommended method with the Punchdown fold .

Insert La Cup almost to its full height. At this stage, it is important that it remains in line with your vagina and that it does not position itself at an angle.
Then release the fold and screw up to the correct height (i.e. the one where you don’t feel it)

Important details regarding the insertion of La Cup :

The base of the MoonPad should be just past the entrance to your vagina. If you still feel La Cup , do not hesitate to push it slightly towards the back by pressing on the base of the MoonPad: it will position itself naturally so that you will not feel it at all.

The effectiveness of La Cup is linked to its correct deployment: the upper ring must be deployed, which is ensured when it screws in without resistance.
However, unlike regular menstrual cups, La Cup ‘s receptacle is more flexible to conform to your body, so it can stay compressed without causing leaks.