Cleaning La Cup During Period

It’s simple and very ecological.

Start by emptying La Cup

You can empty it in the toilet, in a sink, in the shower or even in nature.

Wash your menstrual cup simply with drinking water

You can simply use clean water to rinse La Cup . Prefer cold water, because hot water tends to fix blood pigments and this could color your Cup over time.

If you insist on using a cleansing product, choose one suitable for use with a menstrual cup.

Warning ! Do not use soap or shower gel to clean your Cup, as they do not have a suitable pH for this use.

You can possibly opt for an intimate cleanser, but make sure that its pH is between 4 and 6. The ideal is to use a product tested for joint use with menstrual cups, such as La Mousse Luneale , which is certified organic and tested for use with silicone menstrual cups.

If you use La Mousse Luneale, rinse it thoroughly after cleansing.

If you don’t have access to water

Use Les Wipes, our special Cup wipes

In cases where you do not have access to a water point (at school, at work, on a trip…), you can use Les Wipes , our wipes created and tested especially to clean your cup, which do not require rinsing.

Other solutions in cases where you cannot access a water point.

We’ve listed 5 ways to clean La Cup when you don’t have access to water, whether you’ve planned ahead or in an emergency. Read the article> (opens in a new tab)