La Cup Luneale cup menstruelle quide d'utilisation notice coup menstruelle


This digital guide replaces the paper notice of La Cup Luneale and gathers all the useful information.

A new period !

First of all, thank you for choosing Luneale as your next periodmate.
La Cup is a French menstrual cup made from 100% medical platinum silicone (the best quality and safest), with a patented, innovative design for maximum comfort and ease of use.
We have designed La Cup Luneale with the help of a designer, midwives and an ergonomist, so that all users can be free of the restrictions caused by their period without impacting on their way of life, health and the environment.
La Cup Luneale is inserted into the vagina during the period and gently collects the flow without absorbing it.

It protects you for up to 8 hours straight with no leakage or odour and is reusable for up to 5 years if looked after correctly. La Cup’s exclusive shape, with its patented grip area called the Moonpad®, makes it much easier to use, both for first-timers and those used to using a menstrual cup.
We have designed this digital manual to answer the questions you may have. Read it carefully and take your time to learn how to use La Cup with the folding method that’s most convenient for you, because the time required to get the hang of it varies from one person to another.
But once you have, we’re sure you’ll never stop using it!
Thank you again for choosing Luneale and welcome in a new period.

The Luneale Team

How does it work?

Take the guided tour

Follow the “guided tour” blocks to read the entire manual and learn all about the use and care of La Cup Luneale.

This is the best way to understand all the essential information for a serene use.

If you want to navigate by yourself without going through the guided tour, we advise you to read this essential page. Thank you !

The use of La Cup Luneale



There are many ways to fold La Cup. We recommend 2 of them: the C-fold and the Punchdown fold.



Depending on the fold you prefer, there is an ideal insertion method: direct or in 2 steps.



With the MoonPad, you can remove La Cup Luneale easily and safely.



You can empty your Cup in the toilet, in the shower, in a sink…

Maintain your Cup

Before the first use and between cycles

Sterilization / Disinfection

There are several methods to disinfect your Cup, choose the one that suits you.

During your period

Cleaning La Cup

Here again, several solutions are possible depending on your expectations and your location.